Assystem is an international and independent engineering company, founded in France in 1966 to commission facilities of the nuclear industry both in France and abroad. Assystem employs almost 12,200 engineers in 20 countries, with a revenue of 956M Euros in 2016. Assystem has a strong track record in Aerospace, Energy & Infrastructure and is recognized as one of the top five most prominent engineering companies worldwide in the nuclear sector. Assystem delivers PMC Project Management Consultancy, Design , EPCm (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management), and Critical System Integration to public bodies, utilities and private owners.

Thanks to our long-term involvement in construction engineering and critical systems development (supervision and embedded) on behalf of government bodies and utilities, Assystem is in a unique position to find solutions embracing a smarter use of energy and a sustainable way to inhabit cities. Though these new approaches lead to security concerns about mixing previously closed networks with new lockless technologies, our extensive track record in nuclear gives us the skills required to address these highly regulated environments with demanding safety and security requirements. Assystem takes part in the long-term planning of the energy mix of many countries, from security system development and facility installation to merging building design and efficient energy consumption. Clients include Banque de France in Lille, Ministry of Interior in Paris, Chateau de Versailles, and Louis Vuitton Foundation museum.

The rapidly-growing world requires more energy as cities face increasing financial and social constraints. With this expanding population comes rising expectations, and thus the ability to find solutions mixing a better quality of life, economic development and energy efficiency while ensuring better physical and data security will be one of the key distinctive factors of Assystem. These solutions will be made possible by Assystem’s first class engineering capabilities in energy, construction and systems.

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