The IEA Executive Director last week published his commentary on the status of energy efficiency challenge and relayed some encouraging statistics that show the impact since 2000.


“the world used 11% less energy last year than it would have if not for efficiency improvements achieved since 2000 – a saving equivalent to the total energy use of the European Union. This is a stunning achievement that no other technology can match.”


This accomplishment is thanks to a combination of government policies that drive efficiency in energy production and consumption, regulate environmental performance of electrical equipment and devices and innovations that both find ways of producing cleaner energy and of using less energy in our day to day lives.


Dr Fatih Birol gives many examples of nations who are new to the IEA community who have invested in their infrastructure and been able to reap the rewards; repeatedly showing that environmental and economic performance improvements can be achieved simultaneously; it’s not necessary to choose one or the other.


So it is clear that for progress to continue, even to accelerate, policy makers and innovators must work harmoniously together and draw on their individual strengths to make the common goal a reality.


Carolyn Dickson