Our post last week looked at the growing infrastructure of worldwide cities, in particular the growth of smart cities and the effect this has on communities around the world.


This week we explore a report on Building Information Modelling  compiled by the UK Government.  It notes the UK has a comparative advantage in certain construction services, primarily engineering, architecture and activities associated with low-carbon built environment solutions.  This is primarily due to the large scale adoption of BIM putting the UK at the forefront of the technology in the international arena.


The report identifies ways in which the global image of UK designers, contractors and product manufactures has been enhanced by the use of BIM programmes and how this translates into winning new work, growth opportunities and increased employment. It also notes that failure to embrace this competitive advantage of BIM within the UK could lead to other countries taking the lead.


Want to know more about the impact BIM has on the infrastructure sector in the UK? Read the article!