Nuclear technology is an area requiring top level technical skills, strict standards and exceptional organisation. All countries involved in the nuclear sector are faced with the problem of replacing these
skills and knowledge. For example, by 2020 France will have to replace 110,000 technicians and experts, which is a major economic challenge.


June 30th, exhibition’s last day, is going to be “Students Day”, a day dedicated to young people. Students at all study levels can come to the show to meet leading players from the French and international nuclear sector, who can then present career, training and job opportunities to the students.


This day will be for visitors the opportunity, if they did not do it already, to visit the Training Planet, designed to address the specific context of training, development and knowledge transfer in the nuclear power industry.


Countries’ training needs vary depending on their progress in the nuclear sector. For countries with nuclear reactors, knowledge transfer is an absolute priority. For countries just entering the nuclear arena, staff will require training so that a nuclear sector can be created.


Based on their training needs, projects and business activities, visitors to the Training Planet area can:

  • Learn more about the global training offer
  • Identify and meet key solution providers
  • Learn more about what countries need in terms of training.


The Training Planet is a real platform for promoting or exchanging information on training at the global level and features:


  • Stands of national and international training centres
  • A forum offering 45-minute “Training Opportunities” sessions, where countries can describe their training needs and in turn, training centres and institutions can promote their programmes.